(Direct Apply) Looking for Developers/Help for Tokenizing Low Earth Orbit and Deep Space Data


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08 Jul 2018

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07 Aug 2018

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Hi everyone-

We are Rogue Exploration and are working on Low Earth Orbit Satellites and Deep Space Crafts along with asteroid mining at the end of our roadmap.  We just recently placed in the Space Symposium in Denver and won "Most Environmentally Friendly" and "Lightest  Satellite."

This project is very barebones at the moment and are looking to flesh this out more.  We have been focused on our satellites and hardware but are now ready to take the next step with making it blockchain ready and taking it to the next level.

Space data is the next frontier and poised to be very lucrative.  From Earth imaging for environmental, to agricultural, to city planning and traffic the list goes on and on on why society needs this.  Combine it with satellites getting lighter and cheaper compared to the monstrosities of the past we are becoming more capable of being flexible with building better and more powerful satellites while minimizing space junk.

We at Rogue Exploration are interested in tokenizing our space data and essentially build dSAPPS.  Decentralized Space or Satellite Apps that can be utilized by anyone.  We aim to be a utility token to avoid SEC regulation.  Users of the satellites would have to use our token.

Money raised through the ICO would be used for funding the building of the satellites, developers and programmers along with marketing.

We are located in Denver/Boulder which is quickly becoming the next space hub and have many connections. 

Rogue Exploration is interested in building a team of  like minded developers who are interested in space with blockchain technology.  Our current team are not experts with blockchain technology so we are interested in people familiar with tokeneconomics and tokenizing our data.  Making it a DAO is also a possibility.

We seek help with creating an ICO for our token along with any other ideas and development to make this project a success.  Feel free to share your ideas here or pm me.
I am looking to start a Discord soon. 

Thank you for your time,

Rogue Exploration

Direct Apply - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4612250.0



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