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I want to hire a freelancer

Post your project for free, and find the best freelancers for your project.

- Pay freelancers in Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, LAN
- Pay only for your project done (No hidden charges)
- No risks : a built-in escrow system (+ Blockchain escrow option)
- We provide Sharable freelancing ecosystem built-in agency system. You don't need to manage your project or negociate with freelancers. We complete your project (100% Money-back guarantee).

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I'm looking for online projects

Bid on projects for free, contact employers and work on your projects.

- Get paid in LAN (Why?)
- Very low commission rates! (3%)
- We provide built-in agency & AI system to find your clients.
- We provide Engagement program engagement program. Clients always want to find experienced freelancers. This program lets you to get rewards and experiences. - Learn more

Why LAN?

LAN is FreelancerCoin token which is used as project payment & online ceritifcation on FreelancerCoin platform.

- We are building Sharable freelancing ecosystem sharable freelancing ecosystem using LAN by sharing 25% of commission fee to you from your referrals. If your referral client pays to built-in agency, you get up to 20% of total project fee. - Learn more
- Chance to work with built-in Agency (We bring projects to you.)
- Discount for new features for freelancers in the future. (Check our roadmap here.)
- Chance to join FreelancerCoin dispute community (depends on skill, experience, LAN trade volume)
- Get blockchain based online certification on FreelancerCoin
- Exchangeable on forkdelta,

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We are growing very fast.

We launched our real freelancing service in April 2018. Join us and make a better future for the freelancing world.

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Sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magnais.