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Freelancing Platform

Clients can find freelancers and freelancing services. Freelancers can find outsourced projects from clients.

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Online Certification System

We provide a certification process which allows the perfect project to find the perfect freelancer with Mettl.

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Blockchain Based Escrow

Clients deposit the project fee when the project is assigned to a freelancer. When the project is completed the project fee is sent to the freelancer.

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Why FreelancerCoin?

The freelancer life seems so glamourous and free of restrictions, but freelancers face many issues. FreelancerCoin provides the ultimate platform to solve these issues.

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How does FreelancerCoin work?

What is FreelancerCoin token - LAN?

LAN is FreelancerCoin token which is used as project payment behind of the display on FreelancerCoin platform.

- We are building Sharable freelancing ecosystem sharable freelancing ecosystem using LAN by sharing 25% of commission fee to you from your referrals. - Learn more
- Used for holding project payment fee behind of display on the platform.
- Discount for new features for freelancers in the future. (Check our roadmap here.)
- Will be used to speical feature for freelancers on the platform (Premium listing, Premium offer to client)
- Will be used to build FreelancerCoin dispute community (based on skill, experience, LAN trade volume)
- Get blockchain based online certification on FreelancerCoin
- Exchangeable on IDEX, forkdelta,

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